Our story

What We Do Differently

We are different, 

in a relevant way. 

True collaboration

You must be a curious person to have come here to see us, to find out more. Perhaps you are curious about embarking on a new life direction. We love curious beings, and we help create them too. You don’t need any previous experience to join us, but as well as curious, you do need to be driven, have a sense of fun, be energetic and caring along with the desire to be a part of a beautiful community.


Established in 2004, we are the UK’s longest-running children’s 
yoga company. We offer a unique multi-sensory and creative yoga concept for children aged 0-16. We have an accredited, respected and medically backed training programme. The classes are fully aligned with national curriculums and with dedicated SEN training. Our ethical aims have a positive social and environmental impact at the core.

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Franchising is the business model to which we are aligned; however, we prefer to think of it as a model of collaboration and community. 


How we are different – we are bendy, giggly, clever, and strong.


Ours is a flexible business model to suit your needs but within a structure that works.


The number one reason people work with us is to have a more meaningful, creative & fun career.


We guide & support you in running your business.


We are a community - although you work for yourself, you are not by yourself.

We are ethical with a focus on making a positive social impact in the communities that embrace us.

We operate under a model of sustainability for personal, emotional, social, and physical well-being.

We take a holistic view of the long-term to bring a return on investment to you and your community.

We are the UK’s longest-running children’s yoga company and are very, very good at what we do (& have awards that prove it.)

A key difference with the franchise model is that there is a network of like-minded people doing the same thing - but not in competition. This means you are working for yourself, but not by yourself.


All the tools and advice you need are available. Unlike being a sole trader or teacher, we provide all the artwork, content, advice, and know-how you need to be successful. 


There are no guarantees, but studies show that franchises have a success rate of approximately 90 percent as compared to only about 15 percent for businesses that are started from the ground up.

Our credentials

  • We are a CACHE (council for care, health & education) and Yoga Alliance affiliated operation and are proud of the accolades we’ve achieved.

  • We won a Social Enterprise Award for assisting mothers getting back to work was a defining moment in our mission.  

  • We have been nominated Franchisor of the Year at the Mum And Working awards hosted by Nat West.

  • For 3 years in a row, we’ve been presented with a 5-star Satisfaction rating in the Smith and Henderson Benchmark Survey, scoring over 90% each year for franchisee satisfaction.  

  • But the best prize of all is knowing each new member gets to join our united, supportive family here at Children Inspired by Yoga.