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What is a Children Inspired by Yoga Franchise?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

A business in a box delivered by an ethical franchise company that thinks outside the box.

Collaboration & community
What is a Children inspired by yoga franchise?

You have an opportunity to join a creative business with a focus on making a positive social impact on communities - offering personal, emotional, and physical well-being while generating excellent earning potential.

Children Inspired by Yoga is the UK's longest-running children's yoga company, and we are very, very good at what we do.

We have three programmes, all included in the franchise; Baby Bumpkin 0-2 years, Tatty Bumpkin 2-7 years & Tatty Guroo 8-11 years. Each of these programmes come with 48 lesson plans, full curriculum links for each lesson plan, accompanying plans for parents & stickers & certificates for children.

We give you full business training, access to all the relevant systems required for class bookings & managing your business, artwork & business planning to start your business.

"Our success is underpinned by clear developmental goals & outcomes."

Our award-winning, multi-disciplinary developmental programme for ages 0 to 16 years has been meticulously designed and developed by educationalists, paediatric physiotherapists, yoga teachers, artists and musicians. Most importantly, it is aligned to the national curriculum and is industry recognised. We are endorsed by The Yoga Alliance & the British Franchise Association, & are founding members of The Children's Activities Association. In addition we are members of EWIF (encouraging women into franchising).

Our model is tried and tested.

We take a holistic view of the long-term to bring a return on investment to you and your community, and we offer a proven success for driven individuals with a desire to run their own business, regardless of their background. You will be ready to go from day one, once you have completed your teacher training and your business training.

“You will indeed be able to tailor the business around your needs.”

Get Inspired

A Children Inspired by Yoga franchise is:

1. Saleable - you are creating an asset which can be sold on or passed down through the generations.

2. Scalable - you can hire self-employed teachers to expand the number of classes you run.

3. Flexible - by using self-employed teachers you can earn money while not teaching those classes yourself, allowing you to prioritise what matters to you.

For an initial investment of £10,000 plus VAT (click for funding help) you will have everything you need to run your business - lesson plans, national curriculum notes, mats, uniform, stories, toys, music, approach letters, CIbY systems, unrivalled Head Office support and access to a thriving community of 34 franchisees from Edinburgh to Plymouth and overseas territories in Qatar and The Channel Islands too. You are never alone.

Potential earnings

Our franchisees vary in their approach, some are looking at a part time income, others are more ambitious. After year 1 we expect a minimum income of £1,000 pm, year 2 £2,000 per month & after that, well, the Skys the limit, some franchisees have exceeded £9,000 pm (gross.) Your income is dictated largely by how much time you assign to your business.

We very much encourage you to grow the business through self-employed teachers, leaving you with more time to manage the business, & in some cases running the business remotely or from another country, using this management style model. Most franchisees enjoy teaching & continue to do so, but this model of scale using teachers is a key aspect of why you would invest in a franchise rather than being a children's yoga teacher.

"More than ever, people are looking to invest in the children's service sector because they recognise the longevity of the industry, the potential for growth and, in many cases, the ability to make a difference in children's lives."

Joining a franchise is one of the most successful ways in which to launch a new business venture. Here are some article links that support what we at CIbY already know.

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