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Whats included?

Everything you need to run your business is included.


2 x Baby Bumpkin

2 x Tatty Bumpkin

2 x Tatty Guroo

Your own dedicated franchiseterritory

We work with a franchise mapping company to established the most effective territory boundaries. We have a limited number of available territories, & when you buy a franchise that area becomes yours. Usually its the area in which you live - if available. You have a minimum demographic of 20,000 children 0-11 years. A minimum customer base that you can expect is 2.5% - thats 500 customers a week. Ask us if your territory is available

Full lesson plans & associated materials for 48 weeks of the year. Additionally special events, parties & holiday clubs. You will never need to write your own content, although within the class structure we welcome individuality & creativity - of course we do!

Thats over 500 individual resources.

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