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How working with kids can make you happier & healthier

1. Working with kids keeps you young.

Working actively with children, keeps you physically & emotionally young. You will really notice a difference in your physical stamina, your weight & your flexibility.

How many people can say they get healthier the more they work!

Our multi-sensory activities, & the yoga-inspired moves help you to increase your own imagination and creativity. When you are teaching you are actively participating in play, action, creativity, and fun, & benefit from the endorphins at the end of each class. You will find your inner child emerging & notice how this helps with creativity & stress release.

2. A more meaningful & impactful career

Working with young children is truly special because you get to see the impact you are having first hand.

The Children inspired by yoga programme gifts children life skills - how to regulate, how to be confident in their bodies, comfortable with movement... & all of these support their passage into being a happy & successful adult. We teach simple breath and relaxation techniques that support stress management into adulthood.

You are really contributing to the lives of the children you teach & the families & societies in which they live.

3. You can grow a successful business, learn new skills & become more confident

We run our programme as a franchise. It's not like working for yourself, because your business will be scaleable & saleable. It is the perfect model of cooperation & collaboration - especially for women, who are often time poor but have lots of great skills. Gone are the days when a franchise meant a big corporate structure, now, you can benefit from other business owners experience, working for yourself but not by yourself. It's a not competitive environment where everyone is encouraged to thrive. You are growing a future asset - our franchise is £10,000 but recent resales have exceeded £20,000 & the average earnings are between £1500 - £5000 a month - depending on time spent on the business. You will learn about how to run a business & become financially independent. With a network of teachers working with you, you can generate 'Passive income'- income earned whilst not actually being present. This frees up your time to pursue a more meaningful life.

4. You will become more mindful, supporting your mental wellbeing

Young children are innately mindful - not worrying about the future or the past. Being more mindful, can help us as adults cope with change & stress - after all 80% of what we worry about never happens! The classes are child-led & immersive, a fantastical world where we can problem solve & learn about emotions, but all the while we are in the moment & appreciating what we have, rather than worrying about the future. This mindset also supports the highs & lows you will face in running a business.

5. Working with kids improves your parenting ability.

If you are a parent, the knowledge & experience you gain from our training & the practical aspect of working with young children, will help you to become a better parent. If you are not a parent, then you can experience, the fun & joy of being with children, but with the benefit of being able to walk away at the end of the day!

Working with young children is a joy & a privilege, & learning about key developmental principles & how to play meaningfully with your children, will definitely support your own parenting & interactions with children.

6. Your days are filled with adventure.

Your new life will be full of adventure! Working with children is exciting because nothing is predictable. The energy of a child’s enthusiasm for life and eagerness to learn is endlessly inspiring. Once you learn to not be 'in control' & to access your own inner child, you will find it easier to accept change, take risks & enjoy the ride. In addition running a business is not for everyone - after all every day is full of the unexpected, but if you feel like you want to explore a future where you can have a meaningful, fun, creative & healthy career; where you are in the driving seat.; where you are creating an assets & becoming financially independent.

Working with children & running a business are much more similar than you might think. Both require; a sense of adventure, a sense of fun, the ability to be in the moment, to accept change, to enjoy being a risk taker...

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