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Franchisee in Focus - Rochester

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Children Inspired by Yoga’s Anna Gagliano is having a positive impact in her local community and living life with a higher purpose.

'I gave up my job on April 30th, 2019 and started living the dream’ says Anna Gagliano, one of the latest talented and supremely motivated individuals to join the Children Inspired by Yoga family. ‘My first class was on International Day of Yoga’ she continues, a poignant start to what has already become a hugely successful franchise based in Rochester and covers the surrounding areas.

Interest piqued

An ‘amazing article’ penned by incredible Sue Heron, a paediatric physiotherapist and Head of Training for Children Inspired by Yoga, was published in Yoga Alliance Professionals magazine and piqued Anna’s curiosity. She was fascinated by the idea of owning a franchise that brought the profound benefits of yoga to children, in a unique multi-sensory and creative way pioneered by Children Inspired by Yoga and delivered over the last 15 years - making it the UK’s longest-running children’s yoga company.

A call to Tatty HQ (Tatty is an affectionate reference to Tatty Bumpkin, a lovable bendy doll, who each week orchestrates yoga-inspired classes to over 8,000 children) in December 2018 saw Anna invited to join the creative genius and Founder, Sam Petter, at one of the Discovery Days in London. For a few short months following, with support and guidance from Sam and the team, Anna let fly, and in March she purchased her first territory.

‘It was my intention to continue working in London, however, by April I was ready to fully embrace my new career’ said Anna who prior to purchasing the franchise, worked in property development for 8 years, spent four years as a Head of Global Knowledge and was at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for five years. Anna holds an MBA, a degree in Architecture and Town Planning and a MSc in Information Management.

Lucrative business

These days Anna is building her own lucrative business. ‘I continue to work hard promoting the business locally. There is a huge need for what we offer, and this grows day by day. I feel passionate about personally engaging key people at nurseries, pre-schools and schools, so they are truly enthused by the virtues of our classes. I take care to explain our programme is aligned to the national curriculum and show them the documentation that demonstrates this to governing bodies such as Ofsted’ she explains.

‘I offer classes across all four Children Inspired by Yoga programmes’, Baby Bumpkin 0-2 years, Tatty Bumpkin 2-7 years, Tatty Guroo 7-12 years and Yoga Guroo 12-16 years, the latter two recently added to the business due to the exponential increase in popularity of yoga-inspired classes for children. ‘I employ two teachers, both trained and fully accredited through the business, by Sue Heron in fact! I run nearly 30 sessions weekly - a lot of bendy, giggly yoga for strong bodies and clever minds!’ She adds emphatically.

‘I am having a positive impact in the local community, living life with higher purpose, doing something I love and changing lives for the better’ Anna Gagliano is a true inspiration.

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