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Updated: Jul 29

Find out what happens at one of our popular weekly Discovery Sessions and book your place at the next one.

Before the event

Do more of what you are doing now - scoping out opportunities and exploring if franchising is potentially a good fit for you. We are a franchise, yes. At least that is the word used to describe the model of scale and community that we operate as. A franchise has a higher upfront fee than, say, a training course, but the ongoing support that you receive and the wider community you become a part of is incomparable to anything else. Let's explore that further:

You are buying into an established brand with a proven model. Our business has been running since 2004, so we hold a lot of fact-based evidence of what has worked what is needed for our franchisees to be successful. This will all be covered in more detail during our Discovery Sessions - so read up as much as possible and talk to people in the franchising sphere if you can, making sure to compile a list of questions you have for us.

“The detail behind it all – so interesting. The energy, enthusiasm and passion."

During the Session

Come armed with curiosity, an open heart and dressed in comfortable clothing as our informal, easy to digest 45 minute session, includes a fun, practical element.

  1. Following introductions, a member of the CIbY family talks through the concept and how the programme has evolved.

  2. Enjoy a short practical session, on the mats with Tatty Bumpkin herself.

  3. Discuss the franchise format and what it means to run your own business.

Follow up

We will be in touch the next day to hear your initial thoughts. If we both feel there is a synergy moving forward, then we will send you information on how to start, have you fill in a simple business plan spreadsheet and, get a feel to how much your exclusive territory needs CIbY in its life. We then work together to build and evolve the plan until everyone is satisfied that there is a comprehensive model to work on moving forward.

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