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Together We Are Stronger

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Franchising is all about community and here at Children Inspired by Yoga, we pride ourselves on the welcoming, supportive community we have built up over the past 18 years.

Together we are stronger.

With connected communication between us all in the CiBY family & with the spirit of collaboration, we are always here for you. We grow together with our regular programme updates & enhancements as well as our regular webinars, zoom calls, and refresher trainings. We are not perfect but we try to be - we listen together. With so many skills between us, our community learns from each other. We share in each other successes & trials. So if you like the idea of working "for yourself, but not by yourself", then email us with ANY questions

From your first enquiry with us, this is a journey of discovery, not a sales process. We need each other, but only if it's right for both of us.

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