The love only gets stronger

Here are some of the things you can expect once you have launched your new franchise.

Together we are stronger is a phrase you will often encounter as a CIbY franchisee. A collaborative approach is one of our many beautiful and defining qualities.

First thing

We will take you through all the systems to get you familiar with all the tools you need to start off. We set you up with your CIbY digital comms - your own website, email and social media accounts. You will receive logins and training for the CIbY artwork system where you can personalise and print your own marketing materials. Introduce you to the Tatty Hub - soon to be the centre of your universe with access to all the lesson plans, approach letters, booking and finance management, email marketing campaigns.

Second thing

You will have left the 3-day Tatty Bumpkin training and the in-house business training with fliers, props, know-how and all you need to get started. Read: Training - everything you wanted to know.

Third thing

Time to revisit the business plan we built together during your recruitment journey. Here's where we will support you in setting realistic objectives and start to look at short, medium and long term aspirations.

Fourth thing

Time to make those powerful connections and have compelling conversations with like-minded people, who have a need that you can meet. You are the incredible human who can deliver their schools child-development activity-based requirements and provide the nurseries with all the EYFS associated materials to answer their OFSTED needs.

All the things!

We have a supportive network of over 30 franchisees, who have all been in the exact same position you are now - perhaps starting out on a franchising journey or as an experienced franchisee looking for new opportunities. Openly sharing best practice, swapping stories and building each other up is all part of the CIbY culture and is actively encouraged via our internal social networking platforms, training events and at the annual CIbY conferences.

16 years experience as a franchisor and there is not much that the team at Head Office hasn't encountered, the support available from this dynamic and proactive group is richly woven with expertise and warm reassurance. They are committed to the personal and professional development of the franchisees, helping them to realise their full potential.

Depending on how you structure your franchise, you may be working by yourself; however, you will never be alone.

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