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Timeline from Inquiring to Flying

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Q: How long is a piece of string? A: It's the time between feeling those first goosebumps to the day you open your mats for business. And this is what happens along the way.

One: Reach out

Something will have prompted you to reach out to us. Maybe you are at crossroads or had an awaking - a desire for change. You will be feeling curious, daunted, excited, anxious, brave. That is why the franchise model is such an excellent place to start - no one who has enquired about our franchise so far, has ever run their own business. We will be the wind beneath your wings. You can email us today

Two: Meet us

Arrange to speak to Hannah Wing, our inspiring business development manager HERE. We explain about a franchise operation & the details of our programme. We can give you information that is tailored to your personal needs. It is a chance to ask questions and explore the opportunity. No question is too small, & its a personalised one-one opportunity to get to know each other. There is absolutely no commitment!

Three: Dig deeper

At this stage, we give you simple business planning documents and information to take away to research your territory demographic. This way, you can immerse yourself in your area and investigate the demand for our classes. All areas have the same opportunities; however, your motivation, attitude and commitment to the business are what will drive your success.

Four: Looking good

This feels right to you and the figures are showing that you can realistically earn what you need in the required timeframe. Our franchise financial consultant will work with you to evolve your business plan.

Five: Fund it

Do not feel concerned if you do not have the initial investment, we can put you in touch with loan partners who can raise 100% of the franchise fee if required. Franchise businesses are very highly respected - 95% of franchises succeed compared to 15% of new business start-ups. Borrowing to buy a franchise is relatively standard.

Six: Set the date

The enquiry and recruitment process can take three weeks to three months to complete and, we run specific training courses throughout the year to support the launch date you have set yourself.

Seven: Crossing the T's

You will pay two weeks in advance of the training, and sign the franchise agreement. We will work towards a training date for your first Tatty Bumpkin training. There will also be an online business training. We provide remote sessions in the following days and weeks to complete the training and offer any other additional support you may need.

Eight: Roll out the mats

The big day has arrived! You will have begun to find your own groove, your success fuelled by the fire inside knowing that you are at the helm of your very own enterprise, and with the knowledge that we have your back every step of the way.

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