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What We Look For in Potential Franchisees

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

We are careful to ensure that our franchisees align to our brand ideologies and will work harmoniously within the Children Inspired by Yoga community that has been cultivated over the past 18 years.

Realise your potential as a franchisee

We are looking for committed, talented individuals to be part of our progressive and supportive company that has happiness and our franchisees at its heart. You can expect excellent earning potential, full training, ethical resources with ongoing, unrivalled head office expertise and most importantly - fun! Your job will also keep you healthy, active & fit - thats a huge bonus!

If you are ready to inspire joy and change lives, join us.

What's not to love?!

Established in 2004, we are the UK's longest-running children's yoga company offering a unique multi-sensory and creative yoga concept for children aged 0-16. We have four accredited, respected and medically backed training programmes that are fully aligned with national curriculum and with dedicated SEN training. Our ethical aims have a positive social and environmental impact at the core. We are very, very good at what we do and have awards that prove it.

We care deeply about our success. Tatty Bumpkin, Baby Bumpkin, Tatty Guroo and Yoga Guroo are iconic yoga-inspired, wellness programmes for children that parents and educationalists trust in us to deliver like no other, and we expect the same from you. Extensive sector experience, the ability to do yoga, or business management is not an upfront requirement for owning a CIbY franchise. We will help you receive much of the training.

We do expect our franchisees to have an open heart and mind, are genuinely devoted to our brand and their communities, are business savvy, and possess a limitless amount of energy and determination.

The ideal franchisee

  • Loyal & passionate about the CIbY brand

  • Management capability

  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit

  • Have an accentuated drive for success

  • Committed to investing the majority of their working week in the franchisee unit

  • Sense of fun

Ideal personality traits include

  • Desire to be altruistic

  • High energy and drive

  • Focused on results

  • Logical

  • Sociable

  • Risk-taker

  • Ambitious

  • Assertive

  • Collaborative

  • Creative

  • Adventurous

Brand devotee

People who share our enthusiasm and genuinely care about the positive impact that our programmes have on people's lives is what we look for above all. We expect you to have a genuine commitment to giving your best to the children you work with, & ambition to succeed, & resilience to tackle the ups & downs of business. Good interpersonal skills are important as well as the willingness to expand your business through building teaching team.

Business savvy

You do need to be willing to step up and take full responsibility for every aspect of running your franchise and making sure it grows into a viable business, one that is 1. Saleable - you are creating an asset 2. Scalable - you use teachers to grow your franchise 3. Flexible - with the use of teachers, you can earn money when you are not there.

Technical skills

Ideally you have good IT skills (or the willingness to learn them) for our booking systems and online marketing, & to keep good records of your sales, enquiries and accounts.

Financial prowess

It is necessary to have a stable financial history that demonstrates you can manage your own finances, especially if you plan to approach banks to help you with your investment. CIbY Franchise has already shown to several banks that it is a safe investment, but they will need to see that you are too.

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